Have a Chuckle With Humorous Linux Man Pages


Temporary: Who says Linux command line isn’t any enjoyable? When you find yourself within the temper of some naughty, geeky enjoyable, learn these witty man web page entries. 

When you’ve got been utilizing Linux for a while, you would possibly already be conversant in the time period man pages. Largely since you would have been suggested by your colleague, buddy or a complete stranger on a Linux discussion board to RTFM (learn the f***ing manpage).

Lengthy earlier than folks begin utilizing engines like google for every and all the pieces, Linux customers relied on the person pages to know the way a sure Linux command works. It’s nonetheless an ideal assist.

However I’m not going to speak about greatness or usefulness of the person pages. I’m going to point out you the witty facet of man pages.

How about studying some witty man web page entries?

Humorous Man Pages: for some light-hearted Linux enjoyable

Funny Man Pages in Linux

There’s a package deal unsurprisingly known as funny-manpages and it provides some witty entries to the person pages.

Earlier than I present you just a few examples, let me provide the identical ‘warning’ that its description does:

A set of miscellaneous humorous manpages (don’t take them too critically!). Consists of, amongst others, rtfm (1). Warning! A few of these manpages could be handled offensive. You’ve been warned.

If you’re not extra-sensitive and might tolerate stuff with a sexual overtone, you ought to be wonderful with these entries.

I believe funny-manpages can be found in most Linux distributions. You possibly can set up it utilizing your distribution’s package deal supervisor. In Debian and Ubuntu based mostly distributions, use the command under:

sudo apt set up funny-manpages

After you have this package deal put in, you may learn some entries utilizing the person command. For instance, should you use command man celibacy, you’ll see an output like this:

Linux funny man pages

You possibly can see the type of writing is an identical to the actual man web page entries. Whereas this explicit entry is intentionally not large, a number of the humorous man web page entries are nicely detailed.

child — create new course of from two mother and father

child -sex [m|f] [-name name]

child is initiated when one mum or dad course of polls one other server course of by a socket connection within the BSD model or by pipes within the System V implementation. child runs at low prior‐
ity for about forty weeks after which terminates with a heavy system load. Most methods require fixed monitoring when child reaches its ultimate levels of execution.

Older implementations of child didn't require each initiating processes to be current on the time of completion. In these variations the initiating course of which was not current was woke up
and notified of the outcomes upon completion. It has since been decided that the presence of each mum or dad processes end in a typically decrease system load at completion, and thus present
variations of child anticipate each mum or dad processes to be energetic in the course of the ultimate levels.

Profitable completion of child ends in the creation and naming of a brand new course of. Mum or dad processes then broadcast messages to all different processes, native and distant, informing them of their
new standing.

-sex outline the gender of the created course of

-name assign the title title to the brand new course of

child -sex f -name Jacqueline

accomplished efficiently on July 9, 1992 at 9:11pm. Jacqueline's important statistics: eight kilos three oz, 20 inches, lengthy darkish hair. The mum or dad course of, Kim Dunbar, is reportedly doing wonderful.

cigar(6), dump(5), cry(three).

Regardless of its complexity, child solely is aware of one sign, SIGCHLD, (or SIGCLD within the System V implementation), which it makes use of to contact the mum or dad processes. One or each mum or dad processes should then
examine the newborn course of to find out the reason for the sign.

The sleep(1) command might not work as anticipated on both mum or dad course of for a while afterward, as every new occasion of child sends intermittent alerts to the mum or dad processes which should be
dealt with by the mother and father instantly.

A child course of will ceaselessly dump core, requiring both or each mum or dad processes to wash up after it.

Regardless of the reams of obtainable documentation on invoking and sustaining child, most mum or dad processes are overwhelmed.

Humorous, isn’t it? Maybe subsequent time somebody says RTFM, you possibly can really sort man rtfm and browse the entry:

rtfm - a response for simple questions from clueless lusers

rtfm [ -p ] [ -h ] [ -d option ] [ -i interval ] [ -a action ] [ -q luser]

rtfm is a command for system directors to make use of in coping with new customers. rtfm is helpful for coping with customers having hassle with their footage downloaded from alt.binaries.pic‐
tures.erotica. rtfm will proceed to run till killed by hand, utilizing `kill processid'. rtfm could be invoked by anybody who has sufficient of a clue to know what a person web page is.

-p Give the reply in a well mannered style.

-h Inform the clueless luser to go to hell. Used with the -p choice, they will stay up for the journey.

A number of the different humorous man web page entries are intercourse, condom, flame, flog, gong, grope, get together, rescrog and so on.

Should you discover Linux man pages a bit boring, strive studying these humorous man pages. Should you like referring to man pages, you’ll certainly chuckle at these humorous man pages.

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