Repair Laptop computer Doesn’t Droop After Lid is Closed on Ubuntu Linux


Transient: You shut the lid of your laptop computer nevertheless it retains on working as an alternative of going into droop mode? Listed below are a couple of methods how one can make Ubuntu droop when the lid is closed.

One of many methods to avoid wasting battery on Ubuntu with out shedding work is to make use of the droop mode. I desire to hyperlink with the lid motion of my laptop computer. If I shut the lid of the laptop computer, it goes to droop/sleep mode and once I open the lid, it wakes up.

Nonetheless, there are a number of customers who’re dealing with points with droop conduct when the lid of the laptop computer is closed. Ubuntu merely retains on working with out bothering about getting in droop mode.

There’s a confirmed bug on this situation beginning Ubuntu 16.04. Sadly, this bug has not been fastened even after greater than a 12 months.

Whereas I can not repair the bug, I can absolutely recommend you a few methods in order that Ubuntu goes to droop mode after the lid is closed. Let’s see how to try this.

Fixing Ubuntu received’t droop when laptop computer lid is closed

I do hope that these fixes work for everybody nevertheless it’s not a assure as a result of the bug is dependent and although the workaround works for many laptop computer fashions, there are absolutely a couple of exceptions.

Let’s begin engaged on it.

Be certain that to allow droop for lid shut motion

This can be a no-brainer. You could just be sure you have the proper settings in place.

Go to System Settings after which click on on Energy. Within the energy setting, make it possible for choice for ‘When the lid is closed’ is about to Droop.

Ubuntu power settings

In case you had a unique setting right here, you must examine if you’ll be able to droop Ubuntu by closing the lid. If not, then comply with the workaround within the subsequent part.

Workaround to make Ubuntu droop when laptop computer lid is closed

First, guarantee that you’ve pm-utils put in in your system. pm-utils is a set of scripts that deal with droop and resume. Ubuntu ought to have already got it however no hurt in verifying it.

sudo apt set up pm-utils

After that, we have to edit the logind.conf file of systemd. This file often comprises the entries which can be utilized by default by systemd. Nonetheless, all of the entries are commented out right here. In case you change the settings on this file, it would take priority over the systemd default settings.

It’s all the time a good suggestion to make a backup of configuration recordsdata earlier than altering them. Use this command:

sudo cp /and many others/systemd/logind.conf  /and many others/systemd/logind.conf.again

And after that, set up gksu so that you could open a graphical software (gedit on this case) from the terminal. You can too use a terminal based mostly textual content editor like Vim in case you are snug with that.

sudo apt set up gksu && gksudo gedit /and many others/systemd/logind.conf

You’ll see strains like these on this file:


What you need to do is to take away the # from among the strains and alter it’s worth to:


Fix suspend not working on Ubuntu linux

Save your adjustments and restart your system. Now examine in case your system goes to droop mode when the lid is closed.

If not, you can too strive altering the beneath line (although I’m not positive if that makes a distinction):


I hope this lets you repair the annoying situation of Ubuntu not suspending when laptop computer lid is closed. This could work with Ubuntu 16.04, 17.04 and 17.10. Unsure about Ubuntu 18.04.

Do share your suggestions whether or not it labored for you or not.

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