Install Flathub apps on Fedora


Flathub is a third party repository of applications that are packaged in the Flatpak format. Many Flathub apps are also in the main Fedora repositories, but in some cases it ships newer and in-development versions of these apps. Additionally, Flathub also contains some applications that aren’t yet in Fedora.

Fedora can be easily configured to show applications in Flathub in the Software application in Fedora Workstation. This short tutorial will walk you through the steps of getting Flathub apps to show up in Software.

Get and install the Flathub repo

Go to the Flathub website, and on the main page, there is a link to their repository file. Download, and open with Software Install:

Software appears, and to install the repo, simply click Install.

Note: Flathub is a third party repository of software that is not in the Fedora distribution. As such the Flathub repo may have different licensing and other requirements that differ from Fedora.

Search for a Flathub Application

Now, when you search in GNOME Software, you should start to see applications that are available in Flathub. For example, one app that is not in the Fedora, but is in Flathub is Peek. Do a search for Peek, and see if it appears. Note the Source: at the bottom of the entry to signify that this software is from Flathub.

Apps from Flathub may take a while before showing up in Software. You can speed up this process by manually stopping gnome-software on your system with the following command in the terminal:

gnome-software --quit

Then open Software again.

Browsing the Flathub Apps

The Software interface does not yet provide a simple way to just browse the Flathub apps. Luckily, the Flathub website has a nice view of all the applications available.

Simply search the apps there, find the one you want, then search for it and install in Software on your Workstation.


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